3 October 2018

Pink is not really my colour, no, not at all, actually…. but for the good cause, I go pink!

In a way it is crazy that October goes wild with breastcancer awareness, when cancer is around every day…. but I jump on the bandwagon – we cannot scream loud enough to raise awareness, break the tabu around cancer and make sure people look after themselves…. pinktober it is!

Today I want to point to Melou and their wish bracelets – €4 of each pink bracelet (they cost €14,90 incl. VAT and shipping) is donated to the look good feel better cosmetic seminars run by DKMS LIFE in Germany. The programme helps women with cancer to embrace their feminity in the face of illness, thereby granting their wish for normalcy.… I got mine from DKMS LIFE and in this case, I love pink! … and the grey one is from the Blogger4Charity goodie bag, as they support this wonderful charity as well ❤️

It is 11:00 and Markus and the kids just left, so I can quietly pack for our trip to Avène…. I sit in bed and have to admit that I never really planned to pack. I had a Sauna date for today…. a bit of Wellness …. hmmm…. but I have a cold. No sauna for me…. I won’t give up! I still have a massage voucher from my chemo sisters and Simone and I will indulge in Thai heavens and go to Shibuya Sushi for lunch…. pure bliss …. and I want to quickly visit their building site. They bought a house and I love interior design and cannot wait to see the progress…. procrastinate packing?!? Moi?!? You did not really think I would pack four days in advance?!?! Four days?!? Who are you kidding….Not really 😉

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