5 October 2018

Thank you!! I feel blessed and am awefully grateful today and feel better already – my other big toe nail is purulent now, but I don’t mind!!

Thank you – Not only for the amazing amount of birthday messages (sorry, I could not answer all, but I read all and appreciate every single one ❤️), all that love and all the caring, but for all of you, who follow along – no matter if daily, weekly or monthly, you go on this path with me and I appreciate it so much, as I feel that all this backup and support gives me so much strength and means the world to me! Thank you ❤️

Two brilliant news on top of that: my insurance AOK NordWest calls me yesterday to inform me that they will continue to pay my sick benefits and my amplifier HRG informed me that due to my 10 year anniversary I receive a bonus….. 🤗whoooohoooo!! Lucky lucky me and I can really use it!

Despite cancelling all my birthday guests yesterday, Cheryl-Ann stopped by, as they were here from Hamburg and it was lovely and since I forgot to cancel Michael, he stopped by with home made cake when I was about to retire and we had a lovely evening…. thank you ❤️

I am the luckiest girl in the world to have so many wonderful people in my life 🤗

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