7 October 2018

It was a hassle to get ready, I could not sleep all night, but now it feels like a dream…. my kids are the best travelers and despited the promised rental buggies at Charles de Gaulle airport, which were missing along with any assistance, we smoothly change terminals and I am happy when Martine from Avéne finally greets us at Montpellier airport.

The sun is shining and I am in relaxation mood. As the transfer travels trough the coastal backlands from Montpellier to Avéne, I have flashbacks from working here with the yachts…. the happiness, the airport runs, shopping tours, shipyards and weekends in a lonely shattered chateau surrounded by large trees and small villages and home to 100 cats (not as romantic as you’d think, when your boyfriend has a cat allergy 😉), skiing in the Alpes de Haute Provence or just staying on the seaside, running the Calanques National park (or rather climbing it – uphill running … wow, I was fit), landing with Seabourn in Pocquerolles only to notice that the season had finished and everything was closed…. I was living the dream, but I don’t think back with regret, I relive the happiness …. there and then.

The streets get narrower and we pass through picturesque little villages, see villagers with their baguettes, alleys lined with platanus trees and the autumn is slowly coloring the area. The more we climb, the denser the forest and the deeper the green… we share the ride with Lindsey and her mum from Kuala Lumpur and my kids sleep, so I can fully indulge in the beautiful landscape 😍

The Avène l’hôtel is a dream – build in 2016 it blends in quite well despite a modern architecture, as there is a sleek style and a lot of wood and there are real trees in the lobby. I love it already and on top of it, there are tons of Avène products in the room 😍😍😍. The staff is wonderful, personal and they go out of their way to make us feel welcome – the kids even get little Avène teddy bears and Martine is joining us for dinner.

Is this really happening?!?! If it is a dream, please don’t let me wake up 🤗 – cannot wait for dinner. We are on full board and the restaurant and bar area look promising. The Avène thermal center is connected to the hotel and I cannot wait for the therapy to start tomorrow, but first I see the doctor at the Avène thermal clinic to get examined and receive all the details of my therapy! Pure bliss – thank you DKMS LIFE for connecting me with Avène and thank you Avène for spoiling me ❤️

Fun fact – Leo packed his doctor’s kit in case of an emergency and Mia examined me twice already – I am well taken care off 😉

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