8 October 2018

I love this place…. in France the health insurance pays for the therapy and apparently the long time effects are amazing. „This is not Lourdes“ is Martine’s answer to the benefits…. „there is no magic healing, but you will notice the benefits, when you are at home.“

Wrong – I am all relaxed already and excited to start therapy today!

The hotel is amazing – the attention to detail and the special features to accommodate patients with skin irritations, eczema or neurodermatitis – avoiding carpets and curtains in the rooms, having an air cleaning system instead of an air conditioning, keeping it all natural and plain and the kitchen can cater to any needs.

I see Doctor Petite, who examines my scars, my skin and my medical history….I shall evaluate my skin dryness, itchiness, pain, etc. on a scale from 1-10…. I think I am a four, but as she examines my skin, I just a hear a „10“, when it come to dryness – now it is not really a surprise, as it is a common side effect of chemo therapy and my chemo pills attach my hands and feet….

I get a prescription for baths, massages and wraps and the clinic arranges a schedule accordingly. Martine and Elise have lunch with Lindsay, her Mum and us and take our hand to guide us through treatment. They reserve the Monday afternoons to new arrivals and show them the tricks, so we are ready to face the busy treatment mornings and know where to go.

The therapy plan focuses on hydro therapy and any of the physical therapies in the morning, while I participate in the chemo patients programme in the afternoon including art therapy, sports, nutrician seminars, meditation, relaxation, discussion rounds and visualization …. I will be a busy bee, but happy!

I get a bag with slippers, towels and a bathrobe and an empty bottle, which I have to fill at one of the thermal fountains and drink at least 1,5l thermal water every day, I get a lot of creams, thermal sprays and shower oil as prescribed my Dr. Petite 🤗 and we go …. 20 minutes bath with jets, 20 minutes water massage – the massage bench had shower heads above it and I am being massaged while warm water runs all over my body. Then it’s shower time – the shower cubicle looks scary with a lot of pipes and jets and scars me, but once it starts, I cannot stop laughing…. it is sooo tickly…. this lasts for 5 minutes and then I am in a thermal mist for 5 minutes.

The next 5 minutes my head is in a maschine, which massages my scalp with water jets and I almost fall asleep…. I will a bit exhausted, but very clean, relaxed and I will probably grow webs after three weeks 😉

It is amazing – I am overwhelmed and we will all go to bed after dinner…. I have to be in the clinic 7:40 tomorrow morning 😴😴😴 Guess I will have a quick and quiet breakfast!

All the personal care and attention, the treatment, the area…. I am living the moment and am the luckiest girl in the world to be here!

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