9 October 2018

In the early morning hours I sneak out of the room as Mum and the kids are still sleeping…. What a wonderful start into my day 🤗

My shirt fits in quite nicely, as #gibachtaufdich – the #lookafteryourself campaign initiated by the German mammography screening programme is not only meant to bring attention to the prevention or rather early detection of breast cancer for patient ages 50+, but to listen to your body and look after it at any age. Breast cancer can happen to anyone at any time. Check yourself and treat yourself with love and self respect. That’s what I am doing here…. yeah! I am pampering myself inside and out….

After the early thermal treatments, I have time to spend with my kids and this afternoon it’s art therapy for cancer patients. There is a welcome reception held by the Avène tourist board in the village …. we will try to attend, maybe 😉

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