3 November 2018

In Bruges…. is a great movie, but means so much more to me.

Matthieu passed away two years ago…. metastatic cancer….. and I never managed to visit him in Bruges… why not?! I don’t know. Setting priorities wrongly, I guess, never having enough time, constantly running behind schedule?

For five years, I knew he would probably die, but he did not and I maybe did not want to realize that this could actually happen. He came to see me regularly in Cologne, I visited him in Brussels, we met in Italy to spend wonderful days in the countryside. I loved that guy and from one day to the other he was gone…. and I could not go to the funeral.

But today I meet his brother Vincent and he takes Muriel and myself to his grave… I could just constantly cry, but try my best to pull myself together. I miss him, his humor and teasing… I feel close to him being with his brother though and meet Cecile and her husband – family friends, who Matthieu lived with most of the time before he passed away. There is Matthieu’s baseball cap in the hallway on the little side table and I get all choked up…

I am exhausted when we return onboard… it is so emotional, but I feel good and a bit closer to him, but my heart hurts….

We will enjoy our last night onboard now – off we go to afternoon tea, enjoy each other’s company and live the moment!

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