4 November 2018

I am on the bus from Southampton to Heathrow, it is a grey rainy day and the county is imbedded in fog. I see the Victorian brick buildings framed in the autumn foliage pass by and my head and heart are overflowing with happy memories from my trip down memory lane.

Tracy, Ruud and Peter – Ex QE2 and now head office – come to see us during breakfast…. I am overwhelmed… the time is too short. As we say our good byes in the midship lobby, it seems like we just arrived and at the same time it could have easily been 10 days…. thank goodness for social medial that we are all in touch and the next reunion is on the horizon!

Yvonne and Phil – also Ex QE2 – pick us up from the ship for a coffee, more catching up…. I am tired! And I drift off as the bus hits the M3…. bye bye Southampton I need to come back to properly catch up with everyone here ❤️ and I need to do that transatlantic I wanted to do for years!

We stop in Winchester and the Irish guy Fergus pops-up on my mind, who boarded this bus in autumn of 1999, as I was going from the ship to Ealing to pick up my last stuff, pack my 2CV and drive it back to Germany to joint the QE2 for another contract, as my summer job onboard had finished and they wanted me to return as a permanent crew member… he also lived in Ealing, we chatted the entire way on the bus, basically spend the weekend together and he helped me pack the car…. I wish I had met him earlier, when still living in Ealing…. we promised to stay in touch, but email just started and being onboard for years, we just lost touch…. I wonder what he is doing now!

Tomorrow I am back in Cancerville, getting prepared for my operation on Tuesday, but for now, I am strolling along memory lane for just a little bit longer ❤️

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