1 December 2018

#feelitonthefirst – breast cancer does not discriminate and the earlier you get your diagnosis, the better your chances – it is so much more though than just feeling your breast and listening to your body! Any crisis brings us back to our roots, to our true self…. I had a few of those crises – many due to weight issues, work issues, low self esteem, broken hearts … a lot of drama and then cancer came along – it does not matter how big or small your crisis, it makes you stronger and you always learn a lesson…. each situation or person shapes you!

I have and am still learning a lot – about me, effects people have on me, who is really there for me, who robs my energy and I make sure to take care of myself! I have always been a strong person, determined like a Rottweiler, when I really wanted something…. which was easy in My working life, but I was never quite sure what I wanted personally. The strong facade brickled and I find a new strong within myself. It is still a little seed, but it is growing…. there is also a lot more vulnerability, I cry, which is something so did not allow myself…. and I cry a lot nowadays and I allow more and more emotions – hello new me …. it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance!

Look after yourself – your body and your soul!

I am off to Munich to pamper myself – meeting some of my best friends, my family and having a photo shooting…. what else do I need for quality me time?!? ❤️

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