2 December 2018

Recover Your Smile is a charity based on the idea Nana, who was diagnosed at the age of 20 with bone cancer, who loved taking pictures and dressing up, has while undergoing treatment …. together with make-up artist Sandra she developed the concept of Recover Your Smile and after Nana passed away in 2012, her parents, Sandra and a small group of friends realized her dream. They organise complimentary make-up workshops and photo shootings to boost patients‘ self confidence, give them beautiful pictures and a wonderful day.

The atmosphere is full of love, very personal and empowering. The circle of patients bond and there is magic in the air, as everyone transformed into vamps, angels, indians, princesses and magic creatures….. I feel like I am in a dream or a fairy tale and I will need some time to let it sink. I leave enlightened, empowered and I cannot stop smiling …. and I am not alone…. there is magic in the air ❤️ thank you, Recover your Smile ❤️

I am on the train home and recap my weekend – my heart is filled with love after 24 hours with Anke, Jan and their kids…. Jan and I were flight attendants and then went together to uni in London…. Anke had their first baby back then and this young fellow is just home for the weekend from uni…. yes, it makes me realize that we are older, but it is this journey that connects us! To make it perfect, my brother and his kids come out to Freising to spend the Saturday afternoon with us – it is perfect and to I feel privileged to have these special people in my life and to have been given the opportunity to attend one of the Recover Your Smile sessions – wow! Lucky me!

My train stops in Augsburg – there is a dead body on the tracks…. I don’t know when we will continue our journey and it makes me sad that what has been the perfect day for me today is someone else’s worst nightmare!

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