6 December 2018

Happy Santa – today is all about excited children, shining faces, smiles, chocolate for breakfast …. there is magic in the air, as the kids speculate about Santa, are surprised that he ate all the cookies, are proud having received a little thank you note and my heart explodes…. I join them having chocolate for breakfast and am a little child again. Last year I spent Santa in hospital and I am over the moon to experience the magic ❤️

Today is no space for doctors – I write to my doctor to ask when to expect her call in order to no longer wait, see the dentist, have an extended breakfast with Instagram Jenny and see my physio therapist…. and this is when the cancer sneaks back in…. my breast is still swollen and hot, there is no improvement since Monday and she asks for my ultrasound results…. well, as I did not have any, there is nothing I can say, but tell her about my unpleasant experience…. now I worry, but am happy that my gynecologist will see me on Monday and I will then know, if there is anything I shall worry about 😉

We are now making window decorations, eat cookies and chocolate and enjoy Christmas magic and each other ❤️

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