5 December 2018

The German health system is brilliant…. but not for all… it can be complicated and if you don’t speak the language, you might actually slip through the system – like Kindergarten mum Manar.

What makes me extremely angry, first of all, is the fact that she was pushed while leaving the tube, as she was too slow and apparently because she wears headscarf! The hostility she experienced, even when laying on the floor with an I injured hand is scary!

Secondly, she told me last week that her appointment for her operation is only January 19 and she is in so much pain and can only survive on painkillers, as she needs to look after her 5 children….. how come?!? She explained to the receptionist that he has pain, but apparently this was the earliest appointment she could get.

I went with her to hospital today and what she thought was a date for an operation, as only an appointment to schedule an operation! When I said that she only survives on painkillers, they said that an ER doctor could look at it. This admin lady was lovely, checked it with the doctor herself and he said – before even seeing her – that this finger needs to be operated immediately, just looking at her diagnosis. Her operation is now scheduled for Friday and I am thrilled, but what if I hadn’t come along with her?!?

I am still waiting for my doctor to call me 😉

Photo credit: Barbara Stäcker from Recover your Smile

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