25 December 2018

It’s the enthusiastic angel in the kids‘ nativity play, who sings on top of her voice throwing her body into the syllable, while gesturing wildly, burning for her role – it let’s my heart melt! I sit there surrounded by loads of families, while the cousins sit happily on the floor next to the stable, where Pippi Longstockings‘ horse is representing the stable animals and little kids in oversized jackets are the shepards. I am glowing with joy – Christmas carols, the lights, the tree and all the children…. that is it – I am not a church person, but this is the spirit I love so much this time of the year!

I enjoy it so much to see my home town peeps, hopping between meeting friends and celebrating with the extended family, eat good food, drink – probably too much – and to see the Christmas magic through my kids‘ eyes, and yes, I even enjoyed building the LEGO police station with Leo last night …. warm temperatures and rain cannot stop my Christmas spirit…. never….It’s the time to be jolly…. I am living it up – offline – more champagne for me and happy Christmas to all!

Beteilige dich an der Unterhaltung

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