9 January 2019

Bye bye active therapy, hello follow-up care….. whoooohooo!

I am tired and exhausted! Yes, I went out last night, but the kids were restless and I have a 8:00am lymphdrainage. I am being informed that I missed yet another appointment – the second one within one week…. it just shows that it is too much right now, but there is no alternative…. go go go!

Now, what is the info I get during my follow-up care appointment:

• the ultrasound of my breasts is all clear…. yipehhh!!

• my gynecologist is in charge of the follow-up plan (and the advise from my radiologist is apparently old school, which means no lung X-ray, no liver sonogram)

• manual breast check with my gynecologist every three months

• breast ultrasound every 6 months at the senologist incl. blood tests

• mammogram both sides once a year (not before April/May)

• the oncologist will check my blood during our final appointment end of this month and the focus will be on liver, ALP (alkaline phosphatase) for bones and LDH (lactate dehydrogenase) – he will probably also do a liver sonogram

• due to the osteopenia he will also check my vitamin D level to see, if the dose can be increased

• CT will only be done, if the blood is peculiar or if I have any other physical abnormalities

• the last breast operation will be end of the summer once I am properly back in my ’normal‘ life

I wonder what my fellow cancer buddies have lined up for their follow-up care?!?

I feel good, have a coffee and go to my dentist appointment and then it is Mia and me time until I pick up Leo from his play date! I embrace normality and apart from two physio therapy appointments and a bit of organisation and paperwork, I will be in ’normal‘ mode – as far as my energy levels allow it – for the rest of the week 😉 Bring on more good news!

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