10 January 2019

Less than a month and I will be in rehab…. there is an unbearable mountain of to dos, but today is Mia and me day…. no worries in the world!

After physio, we drop off Leo in Kindergarten and meet the chemo sisters and their kids for a coffee, buy fruit at my favourite Tatjana Böhmer, get some second hand clothes, eat unhealthy stuff topped with some icecream and meet fellow cancer buddy Andrea for a coffee ❤️

5:30pm she will be live on TV in WDR’s „Hier und Heute“ with her project „Heldencamper“ – don’t miss it!

What a perfect day! Now home and of we have the energy, we will take the decoration of our Christmas tree (despite the fact that we are still in love, our ways have to part now, you beautiful tree)!

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