17 January 2019

#10yearchallenge #2008 #2018

2008 was a big year for me! I was dating Markus, but still going to sea, I had no kids and no obligations, but paid off the last bit of mortgage left on my little flat in cologne…my ex Nick contacted me after disappearing for ten years, I went skiing and I had a PAP IV smear test result, an operation to remove the mutated cells straight away and I got the info that it was NOT cancer! I travelled through India by myself to do yoga and meditate and quit my seagoing career from an Internet cafe in the Himalaya, had my 15 years highschool reunion (with Sandra), went to my first Octoberfest ever, started landlife working for HRG (and I am still with them), ran my first half marathon and prepared for my first marathon and finished the year with the best murder mystery dinner party at Anne’s house!

2018 was just as big, but differently – it made me stronger! I now have two kids with Markus and despite the fact that Nick supports me a lot though my chemo, I have to disappear out of his life! This time I have an operation to remove the last cancer cells, which the chemos did not kill, have 10 extra kilos, I travel to Bali to do yoga and meditate and go skiing, have my 25 year high school reunion (without Sandra), go to my first Dreamball charity event and love working with several cancer charities, complete the Muddy Angel run, try to stay fit and finish the year at Simone’s house with a lovely dinner, Mia and her broken thigh!

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