18 January 2019

I forget the easiest things, am overstrained looking after my kids, exhausted and tired and yes, I could just stay at home apart from doctor appointments, but I would probably get depressed…. I try though, make an effort, take Mia along to physio without a shower and a child that resembles a dandelion clock. I really try, but already before lunchtime I let her watch tv, try to rest, my body hurts and I feel useless and the need to be alone.

Our household aid arrives in the early afternoon and I rest for thirty minutes, am shivering and steaming hot at the same time, but I need to pick up Leo… each step is suddenly a burden, my throat is sore and once we are at home, I collapse into bed and thank heavens for our household aid!

Mia moves her leg today 3 cm while sitting – I know it is a big trauma, but I wish I could send her to kindergarten…. Today, Leo has a play date today and I am taking Mia along to lymph drainage…..how shall I ever handle our normal life and working?!?! Markus is taking Mia along to the hairdressers now and I rest! I am so much better than last night, but it frustrates me tremendously … it might just be a flu, but my head is spinning!

I know I need time and I will take whatever time I need. And yes, I am longing for rehab to make me fit again!!

Guess having done sports for the first time since month can take some of the credit for my muscle aches 😉

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