21 January 2019

Old?!? Yes, I am 45 and I could easily be the mother to a 25 year old, but do I feel old?!? No! And really?!? 45 is not old…. older than 25 and 35, but far away from old….

Mädelsabende’s theme this week has triggered my thoughts though!

There were definitely a lot of moments in my life, when I feel old, especially during therapy, when your bones are stiff and you can hardly get out of bed or off the couch, walking like the hunchback of Notre Dame to my children’s room…. but overall…no!

When do I feel old? When I talk about a movie and the others only know the remake, when I try to explain to my kids that we had no internet or computers and when I see this morning a phone with a dial plate in music therapy room and actually know how to use it! Do you?!

The air is crispy and the sun beautiful and my mood lifts with every breath I take! I manage the morning ticking off my cancer itinerary with physio, music therapy and psycho therapist – ok, having had a cold and not eaten for almost four days, make me weak and almost faint in the tube, but I feel so much better, happily sing among in music therapy, cry during therapy and truly enjoy a corean food bowl before heading home!

Markus is sick now and just wants to sleep, Mia and Mum are at the Zoo and I will sleep before our household aid arrives! Have a good start into your week!

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