22 January 2019

Tea – yes – tea – it is not unusual for me to drink tea, but it is unbelievable that just the thought of coffee makes me sick – that happened last time during the first days after my EC chemos 🤦‍♀️ ….but I enjoy my tea and am actually contemplating whether to go coffee free for a while!

Today is my last lymphdrainage before rehab and that means: no more music therapy, no more physio therapy and no more lymphdrainage before rehab and extra time to organise everything and look after myself.

There are household aid invoice disaster, as they changed their admin, rehab paperwork to get my household aid, I need to organise for Markus and the kids to visit me… but one step after the other!

Tomorrow I plan for Mia to have lunch in kindergarten…. she can crawl now…. whoohooo – I am do frustrated and sincerely hope she is fit, when I leave for rehab….

In our borrow, most of the shops close around lunch time and despite the fact that I often laugh about it, today I join in and have some food and tea with the local crowd at Rosensalz café. I like my new pace – slow and mindful!

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