23 January 2019

Mia stays for lunch in kindergarten, but I had planned to use the hour to get ready… nop … I am staying for lunch too 🙄 Tomorrow I will send my Mum to accompany her. I might as well benefit from here being here before she departs tomorrow 😉

I have my – what I think is the – final onchology appointment at pioh and I am happy with it! What I do about hormones, he wants to know?!? Nothing! And that is ok. My tumor was post chemo triple negative (TN), which means non hormone receptive, and therefore it does not make sense to me and the very little chance to prevent a reoccurrence, as it was minimal hormone receptive beforehand, is in my eyes disproportionate to the amount of side effects and the decreased quality of life I would be facing for the next ten years.

Everyone is different and some people do anything, even if there is only a hint of a chance to prevent a reoccurrence and that is ok, but I decided against it.

The tumor conference is now recommending a anti resorptive therapy. First I am thinking „another therapy?!?!“, but it is not as dramatic as it sounds. Bisphosphonate will be given for the duration of three years, either as an infusion of Zometa or an injection of Denosumap every six month. The aim is to increase my bone density to make it harder for bone metas to get in there and a cool side effect is that it will probably help with my osteopenia – yeah! I am all up for it!

I go straight away to the dentist to get my ok, as it can effect my jaw bone and the oncologist will not start unless he gets a letter from my dentist with the go ahead.

The therapy will start post rehab. I am just waiting for my blood results, which should be available early next week and then I know, if I might have to increase my vitamin D, but this is the way forward now concerning follow up care:

• mammogram once a year

• gynaecologist every three months

• injections/ transfusion and blood control every six months

• ultrasound of the breast every six month

Next stop rehab!

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