26 January 2019

The entire week my mind circled around a fellow Instagram cancer patient, 21, diagnosis terminal.

On Sunday, I was told by fellow cancer bloggers that she is mentally ill and invented her cancer.

Now, generally, I don’t like talking behind someone’s back and believe that anyone is innocent until it is proven otherwise. An accusation like this isn’t easily voiced, as you don’t want to confront someone, who is terminal ill with allegations like that.

Friends have been accused of not being ‚really‘ ill due to the ignorance of some people, who do not think that someone is really ill unless they look it, who think that cancer means you always loose your hair, etc….these things happen and it is something no cancer patient needs, as we have other issues to deal with.

My mind was occupied all week with this story, as I was in contact with her and felt sorry, admiring her strength to still help others, while being terminal ill. I believe in the good in anyone and thought that maybe the screenshots quoting her confessions were sent from a fake account. She denied it all, but started to act strangely.

Apparently she already pretended a while ago that she was terminally ill, even talking about going to a hospice…. and then she admitted it and disappeared.

The sick part is that she not only received presents, created a bucket list and had her wishes fulfilled, she tricked her way into our lives, pretended to be one of us and played with our time and feelings.

A charity that fulfilled her wishes is now filing legal charges in order not to ruin their reputation. Charities have a hard life anyway and it is unfair to take the mick out of their wonderful work and celebrities, who support them.

If she had been innocent, she could have easily proven it and it would not have gone this far, which is the point, where I am closing this chapter. She has now admitted it.

She played games with something you don’t joke about and now that it is for sure that this was all fake, a big lie and a scam, I can rest my mind again. It upsets me, makes me angry, but at the same time I do not understand what can trigger someone to do something like this.

I am not judging, I distance myself from this story and I will not comment on it, as apparently she has psychological issues, is seeking professional help and hopefully someone can help her! I don’t know how mental illnesses work, what they do to someone and how much was done intentionally, but it is a very sad story for all involved!

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