1 February 2019

#feelitonthefirst – it’s that time of the month again that I want to remind you to check your boobs! Yes, all of you, as men can also have breastcancer – even without men boobs 😉

I accidentally found the knot in my breast and I am forever thankful that I did, as early detection is key!

And if you see a doctor, don’t let them brush you off with a „you are too young for breast cancer“, „oh, I can feel that it is only a cyst“…. you are never too young and you cannot feel, if it is breast cancer or not. Especially for young women, the best early detection is done by ultrasound!

Despite the fact that millions go into the mammogram screening program for the 50+s, nothing is done for the <50s in regards to screening. Ultrasound is something that is not included during your regular gynaecologist visit unless there is an irregularity. Why?!?

It is great that the +50 screening programm is in place, but there is an increasing amount of young women out there, who have very aggressive tumors like mine. Even if the screening age is lowered, a mammogram is not ideal for us, as my tumor was not seen on the mammogram….

This is something politicians should look at!

I am off to a 3D x-ray of my jaw bones and tonight I am meeting some of my Cologne blogger peeps to travel to the Janssen Onchology Blogger Workshop in Düsseldorf tomorrow. And guess what – all is packed for tonight 😉

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