31 January 2019

Procrastination – that is me…. however, having the to do to pack, I do a lot instead and am awefully proud of what I have achieved.

I bake my first ever zucchini brownies – not by her receipe, but inspired by Yavi ❤️

I make endless calls to get the confirmation that the pension fund will be paying for our household aids, while I am in rehab.

I organise a follow up dentist scan outside Cologne (where I have to be tomorrow morning).

I pack two large parcels for the „Platz schaffen mit Herz“ campaign, which is amazing. Otto are running several campaigns and this is one of them. You send all your old clothes, shoes, hats, any garments you no longer need including anything no longer fit to be reused and they sort it out, check what can be used and give the rest to be recycled into cushion fillings, cleaning rags or whatever. How cool is that?!? Whatever they ‚make‘ is donated to a charity and here is the wonderful part – you can choose from a list which charity you want to support. Naturally, I will support Andrea’s „Heldencamper„. Check it out!

Otherwise, Cologne is unexpectedly turned overnight in a proper Winter Wonderland and I am loving it! I am getting ready and try to pick up the kids with the sledge today. Oh, what a dream!

Have I packed? Not really 😉

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