30 January 2019

Today I hate cancer even more than normally, as it took little Jana away from her family. That’s not fair! Jana was about to turn 13 and was looking for stem cell donors.

Please make sure you register with DKMS – it only takes a few minutes – and/or donate blood, if you can, as Jana and other patients constantly need blood. I no longer can do either, so please take my place!

Today I am at the dentist! Before starting my bisphosphonat therapy, it is important that there are no infections anywhere in my jawbone. Despite having had the ok to go ahead with the therapy, I insist on a further check, as there is one area that could be infected. Why?!? Because in the worst case scenario – it is a low risk, but I rather don’t take a chance – I could face a osteonecrosis of my jaw, which means that I could loose part of or my entire jaw bone…. ahhh 😳

Cancer fatigue status update – my alternative practitioner visit helped and I did sports today with my running mamas and eat a lot of warm soup!

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