29 January 2019

Fatigue – I am tired of you!! I am already exhausted from waking unpin the morning!

I see my alternative practitioner today – Sabine Kakizaki – she says that anxiety frees my last energy reserves and is on a mission. Foot reflexology, burning moxa stick and acupuncture for my kidneys, liver, bones and energy … I have never had a moxa treatment, but it is a fuming stick, held close to your skin, as bit like incense. My body is extremely cold though and she recommends hot beverages and hot food, like stews and bouillon! I make it to Café Rotkehlchen and have done vegan lentil soup! Oh bliss!

I feel that I need to look after myself a bit more, decide not to meet my friends for coffee or tea, but go home and rest. I don’t even have the energy to socialize 😳 now, that is shocking! But the good thing is that I already feel better by the afternoon!

The sun is shining and I am soaking it in. I am quiet and calm, happier and more awake and I will continue to only socialize with my kids until Friday, when I will attend a cancer blogger dinner in preparation to our Janssen Cancer Blogger Workshop 2.0 on Saturday.

And guess what?!?? Claudia from Glam up your Lifestyle ran a price draw and I am the lucky winner of a FitBit Alta!! Whooop whooop – being on my active life!

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