28 January 2019

I am soooo tired, my eyes are burning, but as Astrid Lindgren says: Don’t let them get you down, be silly, wild and wonderful!

The fatigue is making every move difficult, but Mia is the first day in Kindergarten…. hallelujah! Our household aid is sick, but so is my psychologist, which means no appointments and apart from a few calls and emails, I rest all day to face the hours with my kids.

Yes, I am exhausted, but we bake a gingerbread house! That is what they wanted and since I believe that seasonality only makes sense with fruits and veggies, I eat Christmas cookies in September, ice cream in December and yes, we build gingerbread houses in January! Life is too short not to do it!

Dance in the rain, sing, as if nobody is watching, eat in bed and don’t care what you should or shouldn’t do!

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