4 February 2019


Cancer Blogger Diana, Krabbamein – der Krebs und ich and Flügelbruch e.V. initiated the campaign #darkside/ #schattenseite to shed some light onto the fact that cancer isn’t just diagnosis, treatment and back to life, but something you live with for the rest of your life, as we not only keep our physical and mental scars, but also some longterm side effects!

Check out the album or the video!

The earlier a tumor is found, the better the chances to survive and keep the aftermaths as minimal as possible. You only have this one body, this one life…

Cancer does not discriminate, you are never too young, you are not special, even if you are a non-smoking vegan pregnant sports fanatic … I was 43 and had only stopped nursing my second child one week earlier – there is no protection….

I discovered the lump in my breast accidentally and I am forever grateful I did, as I never checked my breasts! I also thought that I had the mollycoddle cancer – the easy treatable one – but cancer is cancer…. no matter what cancer, what stage, what treatment…. it plays unfair and even the most promising diagnosis can end fatal.

Listen to your body and go to all possible check ups.

For me, there were a lot of positive things that came along with the cancer, I show that you can to a certain extend still do ’normal‘ and fun things, while undergoing treatment, I am happy to be involved with charities and campaigns, support cancer research and foundations, BUT that does not mean that I wanted it – by no means. I am happy how things turned out, I focus on the positive things, as I cannot change the negative ones, but by no means would I ever say that I am thankful for cancer – it is still cancer we are talking about!

I am happy to give cancer a face and a voice though, as we need to lift the tabu, make it a normal part of everyday life and need to use the word – CANCER instead of ‚it‘, ‚your situation‘ or whatever synonyms people come up with, when trying to avoid cancer talk!

Cancer research is advancing and the treatments have improved tremendously, but there is no cure for cancer – yet! Please support the organizations fighting it, supporting cancer research and cancer patients, but also the many people, who go public with their cancer journey, give cancer a face and openly talk about it!

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