5 February 2019

Last night, yes we can_cer invited me to see the premiere of „Red Band Society“ movie!

I have never been to a movie premiere and help promote yes we can_cer, but also have a great evening! Yes we can_cer’s aim is a fearless cancer communication without tabus amongst everyone, patients and anyone connected to cancer! Check them out and get the app!

The movie is very emotional and I cry my eyes out, have a chance to see some friends and acquaintances, people I am only in contact with through the social media and people I only know through the social media or TV. The author Albert Espinosa, who wrote his own story, was there and it really touched me to put a ‚real‘ face to this story.

We went to the after show party at Maybach’s and despite being super tired, it was a great way to spend #worldcancerday and I am planning to pack for my rehab NOW, as I am leaving tomorrow 😉 Procrastinating away….

Do you recognize Sandra from my profile photo!?!?

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