7 February 2019

What is this?!? Prison?!? A boarding school?!?

I cannot really say what I think about it all and will give it time, but there are strict rules and if you forget to sign at mealtimes, they come and find you! If you take soup, you are not allowed any dessert. What?!? And despite the fact that they emphasize their aim for a regional and healthy cuisine, I am not impressed to see tetra pack eggs and long life bread sealed in little plastic bags…. it can only get better.

The rain does not help my mood and I don’t see it yet, but I will give it a chance… I have been welcomed, examined and I am waiting for my therapy plan now!

The people I met so far are nice and I am thrilled to see the crafts room with sewing machines and lots of materials and cannot wait to go for a swim! They do not allow any breast cancer patients into the sauna though 😢

What I really enjoy though is the peace and quietness…. I am tired beyond belief and plan to rest after lunch, but this is when my therapy plan for the rest of the week kicks in – walking is planned and despite the rain, I think this is exactly what I need! Onwards and upwards 😉

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