8 February 2019

The sun is shining and the snow is sparkling. I am slowly arriving in rehab mode and despite moments, when I feel like in an old people’s home, I feel that it is good for me …. the dancing teacher is 80+ and we are all holding hands, but the „what the hell am I doing here“ turns into „whatever it takes, it somehow relaxes me“!

The food is good – I think the restaurant and I just had a bad start 😉 I am now seeing fresh meals and I am asking for what I need. Concerning almond, oat or whatever milk alternatives, I need to talk to them dietician, but I am ok with it and will see her as soon as she is back from sick leave.

After having a bit of a rushed feeling during my first examination, I have my first senior doctor’s visit lined up today and I now feel that they really care.

After listening to my story, she orders a lung function test and says that the fatigue is the main issue. Fatigue is difficult to handle and she recommends Talasar for ten days to see, if it helps, as the German Fatigue society strongly recommends it. She wants to keep me for four weeks to have a better chance for a strong return into my everyday life. I know it is the best for my health, but it is Karneval and despite the fact that the kids‘ costumes are ready, I need to make sure that I still have the household aids, etc. before I can say yes.

She will then recommend to starts back into working life after 4 weeks as slowly as possible! Babysteps….

And now, I have Qi Gong, a talk, aqua gym and I will use my daily walking unit to explore Todtmoos and go with a rehab buddy to the hairdressers – she needs a trim, not me, but I can probably do with a little clean up around the edges 😉. It is beautiful outside and I cannot wait!

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