10 March 2019

I feel a bit lost in space…. happy that I had a wonderful weekend with my kids away from everything and panic that I start my reintegration into my job in three weeks time… ahhh!

Now, how does it work?

Due to the fact that I am starting the reintegration within four weeks after completing rehab, I am still entitled to the allowance paid by the pension fund, which I received during rehab (I have not received anything yet, but that is one of the issues I am dealing with tomorrow). The payments will end, when I am fully back in my job.

What happens, if the reintegration fails?

If I go back to being signed off sick, I will have to apply for unemployment benefits, as my entitlement for sick pay ended yesterday (at least for breast cancer – any other illnesses would still be covered) after 18 month.

Should I partially fail my reintegration, there is an option for a partial pension and should I succeed, I am back in the working world.

What if I have a reoccurrence?

I will only be entitled to sick pay (for breast cancer) in another 18 months time, as during a period of three years, I am only allowed to get sick pay for one illness for a max. of 18 months. Should I face a reoccurrence any time earlier, I would have to apply for unemployment benefits…. as if anyone would have a reoccurrence or metastasis on purpose?!?!

Well, for now, I hope for the best and until then I am marching step by step through the rest of March with therapy and my administrative paperwork jungle. Have a great start to your week!

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