12 March 2019

Things have changed…. since January, I can no longer stand coffee and I drink fruit and herbal tea! Unbelievable as coffee dates friends were my therapy for the past 18 month and always a personal highlight during my day! Something I cherished and would appreciate any time of the day or week….

Today I take it easy, just have physio, do some paperwork and meet my friends for lunch and tea…. it is just as sociable as coffee in fact and I feel that it is good for me – or in other words – I don’t miss anything and my favorite coffee places also serve tea! It’s a brand new world.

After chemo I could no longer stand ginger tea and chicken soup, as I had it with and after my chemos, but I don’t know why I am suddenly a tea junkie 🤷‍♀️

Coffee was an issue for about four days after each EC chemo and I could not even stand the smell, but afterwards I was always back to normal and really enjoyed it!!

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