13 March 2019

For the last two days, I had my Mojo back…. yeah! I had the feeling that I had energy and it was wonderful!

I did ask for normality and here it is – BAM! Normality hits me in the face…. Mia has a little bit of diarrhea this morning and my first reaction is panic, but I accept the challenge being my stronger self and see the positive! I decide to take her along to my running mamas (safely hidden away in the pram not to touch anything or anyone) and only drop off Leo in Kindergarten.

As I arrive, I face reality – BAM! This is when shit literal hits the fan or is simply everywhere…. ahhh! No sports, but a u turn to get Mia home…

What have I learned though?!? I spend quality time with Mia and still manage some household tasks and decide that baking has priority over showering ….

I am not back to normal though, have to ask Markus to finish work an hour earlier, have a sore throat and feel a bit weak – who am I kidding, I am completely exhausted – but I think I am stronger than a few weeks ago! And things like unpacking my luggage, will have to wait 😉

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