14 March 2019

It is my quarterly check up with my gynaecologist and we need to discuss my reintegration….

„What do you mean? They only planned six weeks?!?“ She is shocked and has never heard that this is the maximum and that she can apparently adjust it, as she believes that the plan is set in stone.

The problem is that the reintegration is normally organized via the health insurance and not the pension fund, but as I am no longer entitled to sick pay, the pension fund is paying during my reintegration and hence it is probably slightly different…. and along comes a lot of paperwork – again!

I leave all the information I have for her to have a look and scheduled an appointment after the start of my reintegration to see how it goes and to discuss further steps, but need to verify with rehab’s social services that this is how it works… ahhh!

I just manage grocery shopping, tidying the flat, chiropody and the laundry, when Kindergarten calls – Mia has diarrhea again!

Highlight of my day – my childhood heartthrob Christian is a dentist nowadays, read about my troubles, made sure I know about bisphosphonate therapy risks and now had a look at my dental x-rays!

He offered trying to fix my teeth, which would save me from sky high special bills. Downturn is that if he does not succeed, I face loosing my two teeth, but it is the worst case scenario and hey, it is all the way in the back, I could get implants and for now, we are are taking one step at a time and keep our fingers crossed!

I will discuss it with my dentist tomorrow, but in any case – I am awfully grateful!

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