15 March 2019

#mindfulness is my focus not to get stressed during reintegration (or beforehand 😉) …. but I still need to work on my fitness!

Part of this process is looking after myself and asking Markus today to look after Mia for me to see my alternative practitioner! She reckons that I am exhausted and that in Chinese medicine, the osteopenia can be caused by a deep energy deficit and that it is the right way to go to look after myself!

I will try a women’s sport class around the corner, have now purchased a book of ten tickets for some yoga and meditation classes, will see, if a MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction) course fits in somewhere and have a consultation meeting for rehab sport…. it sounds like a lot, but I need to find a way to build this into my daily life along with check ups and therapies I have to attend and I need to test my options now …. the most important thing is though that I need to stop anything that stresses me, but I need to try!

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