18 March 2018

Two weeks to go until I start working… there is panic and the feeling that my life will be over…. I know that most people are longing to go back to work, but right now, I am a bit scared. Therefore I try to do as much as I can beforehand…. It will be tough to manage all my therapies and Sport around work, but to know, if I can do it, I have to give it a go!

Saturday I attend a yoga class at I’m possible yoga and today at 6:30 I return for a meditation. My muscles are still sore from Saturday and I feel that I did more sports than during the entire rehab…and I do ask myself though what the point is, as it is an unguided meditation, but I still enjoy it and am thankful for the people I meet…. They live in my neighbourhood, we are likeminded and I think that I will probably attend a course at Abheda’s studio, but since there are so many other classes I’d like to try, I put the thought away 😉

Two weeks left and so many plans ….. as usual, I will only realize a small fraction, but I am over the moon to finally have unpacked my rehab luggage – yeah! And is am successfully ignoring my paperwork… until tomorrow…. one step at a time!

Music therapy – it is that song „Home is where the heart is“…. I choke, feel sad and tears run down my face…. I still think about my friend Nick, about feeling homey, but also about being hurt, but I hope to overcome it one day! We continue to chant mantras and happy songs and I leave on a high though! I have a good session with my psychologist and focus on the next two weeks planning my way back into working life now!

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