19 March 2019

My combat plan back into normal life is working!

I am living proof that you do not have to leave your home to do a significant part of your 10.000 daily steps…. I managed to generate 8.000 steps in our flat by running up and downstairs tidying up, sorting things and decluttering everything! Ok, I left the paperwork and admin stuff for now, but I feel I have achieved a lot!

Tonight I attended my first „women sports“ class with my kids‘ gym trainer and they did Tabata – I have just recovered from my sore muscles from yoga and tomorrow morning is LaufMamaLauf…. ouch! But I love it – I feel like I am doing something, do what I expected to do in rehab and my relaxation is yoga nidra – the yoga sleep – tomorrow night. I feel tired and exhausted, but alive and that this is the right thing to bring me back to speed!

Everyday life – I am getting ready – bring it on!

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