20 March 2019

„Giving up is not an option“ – that is what it says on the bracelet Kerstin from Sasasum sent me today…. What a perfect timing!

I learned today that a family friend – a young mother – got the diagnosis breastcancer and Natalie from Blogger4Charity is currently waiting for confirmation that the tumor in her breast is hopefully benign. This along with all the metastasis, reoccurrences and complications the cancer community is facing lately, makes me awfully sad.

On the other hand, I am proud of all these strong women and grateful to be part of this club, where nobody wants to be a member, but once you are, you meet the most amazing women! The bond, unity, strength and silent understanding are amazing and something I no longer want to miss! I think the limit is reached though and I am sad for any new member!

Cancer research has advanced tremendously and there are a lot of success stories, but the people who’s story is anything but success, could not care less about the little percentage their are part of…. statistics don’t help us really, as you never know which side of the statistic you are on!

Cancer – I hate you, you vicious creature! I will support breast cancer awareness and research as much as I can and hopefully we can soon refer to cancer as something that used to be scary, unpredictable and fatal – in the past tense! Like a wild creature, which has finally been tamed ❤️

Join me and others ‚club members‘ March 29 after 4:30pm for a breast cancer round table organized by Blogger4Charity in Hannover at Rossmann’s headquarter (Isernhägener Str. 16, 30938 Burgwedel) to learn about breast cancer, connect and exchange – no matter if you are already part of the club or will hopefully never be one!

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