26 March 2019

Back into working life!!

I am a busy bee, as I try to finish off what I started before returning to work. This involves cleaning, tidying, sorting out paperwork, working on my blog and preparing my book & other ideas…. the whole lot! I want to have a clear and fresh mind, when I am marching back into my ‚old‘ professional life!

April 1st marks the day I am returning to working life after three years of ‚leave‘ – half of it due to maternity leave and half of it due to cancer! Three years is a long time, but I am glad there is a slow ‚getting used to it‘! I am slowly getting used to working!

My boss and company, HRG, are extremely cooperative here. They give me a ‚buddy‘ (one of my favourite colleagues actually) let me run through the different departments like a new employee and I love the approach. I will start a bit in the background and slowly move to front row at my own pace.

As far as my therapies are concerned (I still need to have weekly lymph drainage and regularly see my psycho therapist along with all the medical check ups I have and the rehab sport I was perscribed), they are flexible and we will build my work schedule around it!

Now, I am mentally ready to go step by step back into working life and the next steps will be finding my new normal in the working world, seeing how I handle every day life with work, kids and household tasks, while trying to maintain the sport routines and therapies….the next big step workwise will be the transition from HRG to American Express GBT, who took over globally, but that is the next but one step 😉

My plan:

Week 1 & 2 – 2 hours a day

Weeks 3 – 3 hours a day

Week 4 & 5 – 4 hours a day

Week 6 – 5 hours a day

Then back to 6,2 hours a day!

Two hours seem ridiculous to some, but I shall report what it feels like. I am literally going from a concentration span of minutes to two hours. Now that is a change in perspective, right?!? My brain is slow and foggy and sometimes I have difficulties finding the right words….watch this space – it might be interesting!

The plan for the reintegration was suggested by the social services in rehab and already sent to my employer, while I was still there. The maximum they can suggest are six weeks, but they said that I probably need longer and that my doctor can adjust the plan at any time, while the reintegration is still in progress. See a list of options below as to how it can work.

Now that it is this close and after discussing it with my boss, I actually look forward to going back!

Because there were a few questions already – here are the three reintegration modells (I am aware of) for your way back into working life after being ill for a while:

Reintegration Modell A

You are signed off sick. The 18 months of sick pay have not been completed and your doctor suggests a reintegration schedule. During rehab you receive your benefits from the pension fund, but afterwards you return to receiving sick benefits from your health insurance company. Your employer agrees and you start your reintegration, while still receiving sick benefits! This reintegration schedule is flexible and there is no fixed time frame, but anything up to six months is normal. The reintegration is ‚managed‘ by your doctor and your health insurance company.

Reintegration Modell B

You have been sick for longer than 18 months and no longer are entitled to sick pay from your health insurance. You have been to rehab and received payments from the pension fund. During rehab, the social service will suggest a reintegration plan and send it to your employer, who has to agree to it. If you start reintegration with four weeks after finishing rehab, the pension fund will continue to pay until you finish reintegration. The reintegration is ‚managed‘ by your doctor and the pension fund – the rules seem a bit stricter here.

Reintegration Model C

You are sick for more than 18 months, the pension fund pays during rehab, but you need to register with the unemployment office and ask for their benefits once you reach the 18 months and model B does not apply. The reintegration schedule is suggested by your doctor and ‚managed‘ by your doctor and the department for the chronically ill at the unemployment office.

Me? I am sporting model B 😉

The reason I have not seen any money from the pension fund is actually due to the fact that Markus work still had to sign a document concerning how much leave he took during my rehab time. Now that this is done, I really hope to get some cash!

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