27 March 2019

Sports is key for beating cancer fatigue and getting back into a ’normal‘ life.

There is a certain form called rehab sport and the pension fund pays for it for six months…. already the name makes me shiver, but I agreed to see them after my running mamas round at LaufMamaLauf for an informative talk.

The place looks grim and all I see are machines and old people! I generally do not like machines, but sink into a chair to listen to the bearded gentlemen, who slightly reminds me of my gym teacher and I search for the missing whistle around his neck. He might sense my aversion towards the place and says that they do rehab sport is in a separate class room on mats and other than the area with all the machines, there are windows and the group only has 12 members. I slowly get used to the idea, but strictly decline an additional membership for unlimited use of the other classes and all the machines…. not my cup of tea – sorry 😉

The course is tailored to orthopedic rehab patients, which I think is actually a benefit, as I have a pre examination with them, where they document my physical fitness & overall constraints and the training then targets the problem areas, which a lot of rehab sport classes apparently cannot do!

The class is early Thursday morning and I will try to fit it in with the rest of my family, working and therapy life 😉

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