30 March 2019

The first Blogger4charity round table calls and we are all there. Jenny collects me with her little car and Rossmann provides the location, equipment, catering, etc….

Like any event, initiative or action taken by Blogger4Charity, the message is awareness and education! My bosombuddy Paula gives a talk about self care, Mamazone provides breast models with and without tumors to give the subject a ‚feel‘, the Mammo Mädels speak about diagnosis and Julia sings!

We are not getting tired to speak about breast cancer, give it a face and a voice in order to raise awareness and people like Natalie and her #Blogger4charitycrew do it in a wonderful, personal way with a lot of attention to detail! Kudos! #nevertooyoung

At the end, Samantha, 26, talks about her metastatic breastcancer and how she prepares herself for a possible fatal end (not that it is anywhere in the near future) and shows so much serenity, that we all listen in awe with the utmost respect ❤️ I am speechless…. and that does not happen very often! We all stay strong together and have her back!

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