7 April 2019

Today I talk about my diagnosis! What was it like to get the diagnosis?!?

Getting the cancer diagnosis is a day and date, you never forget! It is like 9/11, when the world stands still for a moment and you will always remember where you were and what it felt like…..we all have those moments!

31 August 2017 – somehow it was a relief! Now I knew what I was dealing with, did not know anything about breast cancer, but thought I got „the easy“ cancer… I no longer say that as breast cancer is as vile as any cancer, but maybe this is why I was starting my journey on such a positive note! I never thought that therapy could not work, once I knew it had not spread. Now I know more about breast cancer and I hope to raise awareness, as I – like many others – just closed my eyes thinking that it was something I would never have to deal with!

Look after yourself and enjoy the spring weather!

Video: Nadine Heller Menzel

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