8 April 2019

In the 3rd little movie I talk about breaking the news! To tell someone that you have cancer can be hard, as you don’t want them to be worried, which they automatically are. Cancer is still a tabu and people close their eyes from the subject, think that they will never have anything to do with it and then you break the news to them…

Everyone is different and has to find their own way how to deal with the diagnosis, the therapy and everything and that is absolutely the way to go… you do it the way it feels right! I am a person, who talks a lot and therefore I spread the news and started to go public with my story, but there are people who keep it to themselves and don’t want to talk about it and that is absolutely ok as well. I speak on behalf of all of us in an attempt to raise awareness and take the fear and tabu a little bit away from the subject.

How do you break bad news?

🎬 Nadine Heller Menzel

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