10 April 2019

Day 5 if the series of clips telling my breast cancer story is all about therapy!

What treatments did I do? What was it like?

I was lucky and did not have too many side effects, but everyone is different! I did suffer from other things though… pneumonia, mouth soor, anal trombosis, I lost three tow nail several times, had burned open skin, super dry sinuses, no hair, no lashes, no brows, the skin on my feet was open, chemo brain, concentration issues, a hematoma in my breast, which is still there, and a wound that just did not want to heal leaving a inverted scar …that wasn’t nice, but overall, my blood results were always good, the therapy worked and I did not feel sick as a dog and that’s what I am grateful for! The main thing is though that therapy worked and I am still alive! I was one of the lucky ones!

🎬 Nadine Heller Menzel

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