14 April 2019

Wow, what has happened during the last two weeks?!? Crazy!

Attention! Attention! My little series of films needs to be interrupted for one day, as I’ve got news for you!

We have a podcast!! „2 women 2 bosoms“ (#2frauen2brüste) started with an idea, like many ideas! You think about it (a Lot and all the time), scribble, plan and don’t realize most of your ideas. This is an idea though, a heartfelt matter, that I wanted so badly and when I asked Paula to join me, she was immediately as excited! ….and so were Starwatch, ProSieben and Sixx, who are now realizing it with us! Wow!! Can you please pinch me?!? We look forward to working with you and are grateful for getting this platform and your support to raise awareness!

We want to talk about cancer and everyday life, the highs and the lows …. normally we write about cancer, raise awareness and try to take the tabu away from the subject and now, you can listen to us (in German though)! We shout it into the world, honest and without filters, with irony and humor without trivializing it, as cancer is a beast, wild and unpredictable!

We asked our communities to describe Paula and myself and we share the results and anecdotes in our first podcast, which we recorded in Munich on Friday!

Episode one will be launched in ten days, available on all the common podcast channels! We will share all the details and ask you to do the same! Spread the word – talk about cancer and our podcast!!

Whoooohoooo!! We are over the moon!

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