15 April 2019

Day 9 – back to work! Reintegration in Germany is designed for you in order to make a smooth transition back into working life.

In theory, there are different models and you are being slowly moved into a your old routines. Does the shoe still fit you? Have a guess! I changed over the past 18 months and it is a tight fit. My new me, does not have the same principles, the same pace and not the same energy.

I am in the middle of this process at the moment and it is massive, as I was away for a total of three years having been on the last leg of my maternity leave, when I got the diagnosis….

Do I want to fit into my old life? No! The working life has to adjust around the new me and not the other way around.

My time is now so precious and I don’t want to waste it with nonsense! I only do what I want to do, am clear in articulating my needs and even clearer in sharing what I don’t like.

Fun fact – I am working completely free of charge right now, as I am still signed off sick, I don’t get a wage and should receive an allowance from the statutory pension fund! Now, guess what?!? They declined payments April 4 – starting I am not entitled, as I was on maternity leave for another ten days when I got diagnosed!!

I would not be this upset, if they had declined immediately, when I applied 3-4 months ago, but I should have been receiving the money since February 6!! What are they thinking?!? I filed an objection and am waiting for a reply…. if I don’t get the money, I will receive sick benefits from my health insurance until March 9 and then I have to apply for unemployment benefits!

I should concentrate on getting back into my job and instead, I have to deal with applications, paperwork, am spending endless hours in phone waiting loops and I am simply sick of it! I am dependent on officials, who seem not to care that there are humans and lives behind each and every insurance number! Shame of you!

My debts with Markus are high, but at least I have this option…. not everyone has that and on top of it, I am annoyed by all the paperwork – but thank goodness I am a native speaker! What do people do, who are not….

For now, I simply concentrate on the good things, ignore my finances as much as I can and try not to waste too much time and energy. Life is too precious!

Video: Nadine Heller Menzel

Beteilige dich an der Unterhaltung

2 Kommentare

  1. Hallo!
    Toller Blog und die Videos sind wirklich super. Ich bewunder, wie locker Du über alles sprichst.
    Ich hätte mir gerne auch Dein Video zum „Comeback at work“ angeschaut. Leider kommt hier aber das Reha-Video.

    Liebe Grüße


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