17 April 2019

That’s it! Well, at least for this chapter of my life! Thank you for watching my story and if you are interested, you can follow me in my struggle back into working life, balancing the kids & the job in my new normal, while trying to fight for my allowance from the statutory pension fund! The struggle is real, but I don’t loose my humor and try to not care too much about it…. I changed my priorities in life and will try to keep it this way 😉

Do you have any further questions? Let me know?

Thank you, Nadine Heller Menzel, for capturing my story. I would have done a little video with my mobile and this is just something different!

Thank you all for following me on YouTube, via my blog http://www.kick-cancer-chick.com or via the social media as @kickcancerchick. I am turning the page, but there is something new on the horizon though apart from the excitements of everyday life …

My little dream is now reality. Paula and I will be hosting the breastcancer podcast „2 Frauen 2 Brüste“ 🎉! I will share all the details, once it is out!

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