19 April 2019

Normality hits me in the face, but in a good way! I have to multi task normal life and cancer aftermaths and I am enthusiastic, but completely exhausted! Flat out after a three day week!

It crossed my mind that I could go straight back to working 80% in order to generate some income, but hey, I am exhausted after three days …. and we are not talking about full working days either, therefore I will continue with the reintegration and hope that I either get my allowance from the pension fund or I have to go through the hassle to apply for unemployment benefits – at least I am not working all my hours yet and somehow have to fit it in!

2 1/2 hours yin yoga bring back my cool and I love that everyone is running around in shorts, being in Easter holiday mood and I simply blend in, as I put my shades on end enjoy the breeze on my bike! Hello summer!

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