30 April 2019

The struggle is real!

Babysteps – this is the only way I gonna get around my daily life! I juggle my kids & their activities, the laundry, grocery shopping and tidying the place (oh, what a mess it is) with work and therapies & sport!!

To be honest – nothing is happening at work yet…. I have no clients, no work tasks, but I simply try to get my chemo brain to concentrate on getting my head around new systems, organizational and structural changes. I feel overwhelmed though and simple tasks make me sometimes feel completely incapable… babysteps!!

I feel improvement though and finish work early to go to lunchtime yoga! My afternoon telephone conference is at the same time when my kids go to their sports class and therefore it feels like I got this, but sometimes my mind spins…. as I still have Markus‘ support in the mornings. Will I manage? There is only one way to find out …..

I just do it, I try and having negotiated Wednesday off, gives me that little break to catch up on everything! Babysteps!!

Yesterday another cancer blogger passed away! It shocks me and puts things into perspective. I appreciate the things I do manage, every time I am at yoga, every task I do. I am grateful to be alive and happy to struggle back into normality!

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