1 May 2019

A first of the month, my first month of reintegration completed, my first steps towards a normal working life and I try my best, but I am far away for normality and I am scared!

Do you know what scares me more though?!? A reoccurrence of my cancer – and that is why I #feelitonthefirst!

Cancer does not discriminate, nobody is safe…. old & young, fit & fat, vegan & veggie, pregnant & parent, tall & small, blond & bald, boss & bellboy, boy & girl – everyone can get it! No matter what you do…. it does not play by rules and is always lurking around the corner!

And therefore it does not help to close your eyes – talk about it, tell your loved ones to look after themselves and check your body! Feel it, listen to it and if you are in doubt, go and see a doctor you trust!

Not all tumors can be found by self examination, but you have nothing to loose…. it is a win win! Know your body – you wash it (probably) every day!

Early detection makes such a difference! Time is a factor you actually CAN control, if you check yourself regularly! Off you go – it’s in your hands!

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