2 Mai 2019

Rehab sport – another first!

I rush in at 8:10, straight into the small gym jam-packed with people from all walks of life. It know that there are less cancer patients and more orthopedic clients, but my eyes take a scroll and I start wondering, who is a cancer buddy. That is the issue – you cannot see it! You might wonder, if the older lady sporting a short hairstyle choose this deliberately or was forced to say good bye to her long hair. I will probably know as the weeks pass by.

I stretch, sweat a little, which might be due to the air getting hotter every minute, but overall it seems to be good for me and I rush to work from there!

I am still at 4 hours work per day and for now only four days a week and still, the fatigue does not get better! I am exhausted, barely keep up with my household tasks and do a happy dance, if I manage to tidy the flat, am proud of every washing machine I turn on and each dishwasher I empty and yet, I only manage a fraction of it all…. yes, babysteps, but I am tired and exhausted while I scroll along the path into normal working life and it scares me that I don’t even have clients yet…. maybe it will get better once I do ‚real‘ work, but for now, it seems like a huge mountain ahead of me.

I pack my ropes, adjust my helmet, take extra carabiners and walk step by step towards the trail up to the top. I focus on the here and now, place each foot in front of the other one, I see the flowers along the path and try not to look up, ignoring the long climb ahead of me! Life right now is beautiful – I enjoy my kids and all that is happening right now! I am still on track!

Onward and upwards! It is #throwbackthursday #krebsfreidonnertag – I learned how to climb, I will get there again!

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